Established in 2004, we operate in all aspects of health and safety.

We have a strong team of consultants and are able to recommend approved sub contracted services for specialist fields where required. This enables us to offer you a unique, personal and tailored service.

MHSC works within the sphere of general health and safety which applies to businesses with five employees and over. However we have previous experience with smaller firms operating within high hazard environments. Please see our services for further details.

Anne Mallory has been involved in health and safety sphere since 1997.

She has held senior management positions with health and safety, quality and environmental responsibilities.

As a founder and Director of Mallory Health and Safety Consultants Ltd, she has undertaken many and varied roles in the consultancy sphere including construction, decommissioning projects, emergency arrangements and business continuity planning in high hazard industries such as civil nuclear sites. In addition, she has been involved on a voluntary basis in event planning for a number of charities.

The spectrum of work has ranged from the introduction of complete safety management systems and training processes to the evaluation of unique high hazard operations for specialist contractors. The last two years with the Medical Research Council (MRC) have involved the decommissioning of a particle accelerator at Hammersmith Hospital and the construction based work running alongside the project.

She is a Chartered Fellow of the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health and a Fellow of the International Institute of Risk And Safety Management, a Member of the Emergency Planning Society and a Senior Construction Manager through the Construction Skills Certification Scheme.

After close collaboration on a range of health and safety projects for Mallory HSC, Nathan Abbott has now become a permanent member of the consultancy team.

Nathan has been involved in industrial photography and graphics since 2006. As founder and Director of Abbott Designs Ltd, he has completed a wide range of projects in the manufacturing, recycling, nuclear decommissioning and transport industries. Activities have included branding and websites, 3D animation, industrial photography, transport loading plans, and on-site management of bespoke decommissioning operations for ABNC Ltd.

Over the last 3 years Nathan has worked on a joint venture with Mallory HSC providing comprehensive traffic management plans for commercial waste recycling facilities and large shopping centres. He has also supported Mallory HSC on several other projects including site inspections and detailed reports for laboratory dilapidations.

This spectrum of work has given him a practical insight into the health and safety issues involved in an assortment of industries and the ability to effectively communicate safety management structures across organisations.

He has a BSc (Hons) in Computer Animation & SFX and a NEBOSH National General Certificate, which together with a background of working on nuclear decommissioning, industrial, and health & safety management projects, has given him a unique skill set.

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